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Official Rail Sites

Public Suburban Train operator in Melbourne's West, and South Eastern Suburbs.
( WAS ) Subn Train Operator in the North & Eastern Suburbs.
Intrastate Country Passenger Train and Coach Operator.
Victorian Public Transport Website.
Victoria's privatised ex-government freight operator.
Great Northern Rail Services are a private motive power supplier/operator.

Railfan Sites

railpage logo.gif (963 bytes) - the best collection of links and information Down Under.

My Rail site... - Links to my other pages and a photo gallery.

Chris Gordon's [Victorian Signalling] website at: - Signalling, Timetables, General.
Gareth Lumsden's Website at: & 
John Cleverdon's Website at: - A Railmap of Victoria.
Metcard Unnoficial Website - Rob O'Regan
Michael Kurkowski's Website at: - Sounds, Pictures, Info on all Melbourne Lines.
Rail Images Australia - Peter J Sweetten
Railpix Australia - Tony Gatt - Great pictures, trust me!
VR Railfan website.gif (36728 bytes) Victorian Railfan Web Site - James Brook -Photos, news, map, calendar, audio, locos, preservation..
railserve.gif (3318 bytes)

Other Recommended Sites

Ford Australia - The greatest cars in the greatest country...
For all your disposable tableware needs - also my employer :)

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