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Re: The Fish and Chips

The name "The Fish" was derived from Driver Heron, who drove the train from
the middle 1860's to about 1885. His name was corrupted to "Herring" and he
became known as "The Fish". In time his nickname became associated with the
train. Later, to cope with the increased passengers, a second train was
introduced and became officially recognized as "The Chips". Interurban
electric trains have been operated as "The Fish" and "The Chips" since 15th
September and 15th December, 1958, respectively.

Source: "Railway Quiz" Revised Edition April 1966, p.40

Knew this little book would come in handy!!!
It doesn't give original start dates. It also says that they serve the area
between Penrith and Mount Victoria: Do they continue to Lithgow now?

Michael Pfeiffer
Bob Horgan <rhorgan@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> When and where did this name for this train originate.