Australian simulations for RAILSIM

This page contains Australian outline simulations for RAILSIM. This site is an archive only. Please direct any questions about RAILSIM to the distributor.

If you have any Australian RAILSIM files and would like to make them available here, please email David Bromage.

Please do not email me with technical questions about RAILSIM! They should be directed to the distributor, or the author of the file you downloaded. I do not have the software so I cannot answer any questions about it.

Each ZIP file contains 6 files for each simulation. When unZIPped, they will appear as options at the RAILSIM "load track" prompt. Each of the six files may need to be renamed to correspond to a vacant slot in your load nemu, e.g. RSUS11RB.PKT to RSUS11RC.PKT and so on for all files. Alternatively, put them on a floppy and redirect the load menu to it.

South Australia

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