Locomotive File

Preserved locomotives by state of origin

Last updated Wed 25 Jan 1995 Contains details of locomotives operational, under restoration, held for possible restoration and museum exhibits. This is by no means a canonical list.

Compiled by David Bromage


David Bromage 
Greg Cash 
Matther Geier 
Andrew Lawrence 
Arthur Marsh 
Michael Milway 
Steve Schupp 

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Abbreviations used
ACT        Australian Capital Territory
ARHS(xxx)  Australian Railway Historical Society (state division)
BPR        Ballarine Peninsula Railway, operated by GSPS
C&MR       Castlemaine & Maldon Railway
CHTR       Central Highlands Tourist Railway
DE         diesel electric
DH         diesel hydraulic
DM         diesel mechanical
DVR        Derwent Valley Railway
GSPS       Geelong Steam Preservation Society
GSRS       Great Southern Railway Society.
HVTR       Hotham Valley Tourist Railway
ILRM       Illawarra Light Railway Museum
LVR        Lachlan Valley Railway
MRPS       Mornington Railway Preservation Society
NRC        National Rail Corporation
NSW        New South Wales
NSWGR      New South Wales Government Railways
NSWRTM     New South Wales Rail Transport Museum
NT         Northern Territory
PBPS       Puffing Billy Preservation Society
PDRM       Port Dock Railway Museum
PRHS       Pilbara Railway Historical Society
PRR        Pichi Richi Railway
Qld        Queensland
QPSR       Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway Co-Op
QR         Queensland Railways
RAILCO     Ravenshoe - Atherton Insteam Locomotive Company
RVR        Richmond Vale Railway
SA         South Australia
SAR        South Australian Railways
SGTR       South Gippsland Tourist Railway
SRV        Steamrail Victoria, including Elecrail and Dieselrail divisions.
ST         saddle tank
T          tank
Tas        Tasmania
TGR        Tasmanian Government Railways
TTM        Tasmanian Transport Museum
VDLR       Van Diemen Light Railway
Vic        Victoria
VR         Victorian Railways
WA         Western Australia
WAGR       Western Australian Government Railways (Westrail)
WALRPA     Western Australian Light Railway Preservation Association
WCR        West Coast Railway
YPRPS      Yorke Peninsula Railway Preservation Society
YVTR       Yarra Valley Tourist Railway
ZZR        Zig Zag Railway

Techincal details
AL = maximum axle load
BP = maximum boiler pressure
DW = driving wheel diameter
EW = engine weight
FC = fuel capacity
GA = grate area
MS = maximum permissable speed, where revenue service speed differs from that
     in preservation this will be noted.
OW = full operational weight
TE = nominal tractive effort
TW = tender weight
VG = valve gear; W = Walscheart, S = Stephenson
WC = water capacity

New South Wales
NSWGR, 4'8.5" gauge (1435mm)
Z12 class steam, 4-4-0
MS: 60mph (100km/h), 50mph (80km/h) in preservation.
1210 "Canberra"  ARHS, Canberra, ACT. Operational
1219             NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit
1243             Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, NSW. Static exhibit.

Z13 class steam, 4-4-2T
1301             NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit             
1307             NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit
1308             NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit

Z17 class steam, 4-4-0
1709             NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Operational

Z18 class steam, 0-6-0T
1803             NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit

Z19 class steam, 0-6-0
1904             Dorrigo, NSW. Static
1905             NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit
1919             Forbes, NSW. Static exhibit
1923             Dorrigo, NSW. Static

Z20 class steam, 2-6-4T
2029             NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit

Z24 class steam, 2-6-0
2408             Dorrigo, NSW. Static
2413             Canberra Railway Museum, ACT. Static exhibit
2419             NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit

Z25 class steam, 2-6-0
2510             NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit
2535             Dorrigo, NSW. Static

Z26 class steam, 2-6-2T
2606  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit

Z27 class steam, 2-6-0
2705  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Operational

C30T class steam, 4-6-0
3001  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Operational?
3016  ARHS(ACT), Canberra, ACT. Operational
3026  LVR, Cowra, NSW. Operational 
3028  Dorrigo, NSW. Static
3075  Parkes, NSW. Static exhibit
3090  Dorrigo, NSW. Static
3102  ARHS(ACT), Canberra, ACT. Static?

C30 class steam, 4-6-4T
3046  Dorrigo, NSW. Static
3058  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW
3112  Private, Sydney, NSW. Operational
3137  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Operational

C32 class steam, 4-6-0
3203  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit
3214  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit
3237  Forbes?
3265  3801 Limited, Chullora, NSW. Static.

C35 class steam, 4-6-0
3526  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Under restoration

C36 class steam, 4-6-0
3609  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit
3616  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit
3642  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Operational

C38 class steam, 4-6-2
3801  3801 Ltd., Sydney, NSW. Operational
3813  Powerhouse Museum(?), Ultimo, NSW. Dismantled.
3820  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit.
3830  3801 Ltd., Robertson, NSW. Under restoration

40 class DE, A1A-A1A
4001  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit, demotored.

41 class DE, Bo-Bo
4102  NSWRTM, Thielmere, Vic. Static exhibit.

42 class DE, Co-Co
4201  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Operational.
4204  LVR, Cowra, NSW. Operational

421 class DE, Co-Co
42106 NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static, demotored.

43 class DE, Co-Co
4306  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Operational.

44 class DE, Co-Co
4403  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW
4420  Dorrigo Steam Railway.
4465  Private, Werris Creek, NSW. Operational.
4490  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Operational.

47 class DE, Co-Co
4701  LVR, Cowra, NSW.
4702  LVR, Cowra, NSW.
4703  LVR, Cowra, NSW.
4706  Dorrigo Steam Railway
4707  LVR, Cowra, NSW.
4708  LVR, Cowra, NSW.
4716  LVR, Cowra, NSW.
4717  Rothbury Riot Railway

D50 class steam, 2-8-0
5069  Dorrigo, NSW. Static
5096  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit
5112  CWRPS, Orange, NSW. Under restoration.
5132  Dorrigo, NSW. Static.

D53 class stea, 2-8-0
5353  Dorrigo, NSW. Static
5367  LVR, Cowra, NSW. Under restoration
5461  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit

D55 class steam, 2-8-0
5595  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static exhibit

70 class DH, 0-6-0
7006  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Static.

71 class electric, Co-Co (formerly 45 class electric)
7100  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW> Static exhibit.

73 class DH, B-B
7307  Hunter Valley Training Company
7308  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW.
7333  Rothbury Riot Railway
7336  Rothbury Riot Railway
7350  Rothbury Riot Railway

D57 class steam, 4-8-2
5711  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Under restoration.

D59 class steam, 2-8-2
MS: 45mph (70km/h)   50mph (80km/h) in presevation
5910  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Operational
5917  LVR, Cowra, NSW. Under restoration

79 class DE, Bo-Bo
7920  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW.

Broken Hill Proprietors, 4'8.5" gauge (1435mm)
D1 class DE, Bo-Bo
D1  NSWRTM, Thirlmere, NSW. Operational
D9  LVR, Cowra, NSW.

South Maitland Railway, 4'8.5" gauge (1435mm)
10 class steam, 2-8-2T
18  3801 Limited. Operational.
24  RVR,, NSW. Operational
25  RVR,, NSW. Operational

Silverton Tramway, 3'6" gauge (1067mm)
W class steam, 4-8-2
W22  PRR, Quorn, SA. Under restoration.
W23  Sulphide Street Railway Museum, Broken Hill, NSW. Static.

DE, Co-Co
26  Sulphide Street Railway Museum, Broken Hill, NSW. Static.


QR, 3'6" gauge (1067mm)
A10 class steam, 0-4-2
A10.6  QR, Mayne, Qld. Operational

PB15 class steam, 4-6-0
PB15.448  QPSR, Box Flat, Qld. (Swanbank railway) Operational
PB15.454  BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Stored for overhaul.
PB15.732  QR, Ipswich, Qld. Operational
PB15.738  ARHS(Qld), Rosewood, Qld. Operational

C17 class steam, 4-8-0
C17.45   Gympie Mining Museum, Gympie, Qld. Operational
C17.974  QR, Ipswich, Qld. Operational

D17 class steam, 4-6-4T
D17.268 "Capella"  RAILCO, Ravenshoe, Qld. Operational

DD17 class steam, 4-6-4T
DD17.1051  QR, Ipswich, Qld. Operational

BB18 1/4 class steam, 4-6-2
BB18 1/4.1079  QR, Ipswich, Qld. Operational.
BB18 1/4.1089  QR, Ipswich, Qld. Stored.

DL class, DM. 2-6-0
DL3  ARHS(Qld), Rosewood, Qld. Operational

DH class DH, B-B
Builder: Walkers Ltd, Maryborough, Qld.
DH2   Rosewood Museum, Rosewood, Qld.
DH38  ARHS(Qld), Redbank, Qld. Under restoration

1170 Class DE, Bo-Bo
1172  Golden Mile, Mount Morgan, Qld, operational
1177  QR, Redbank, Qld. operational 
1179  ARHS(Qld), Rosewood, Qld. Owned by QR. Operational
1180  RAILCO, Atherton, Qld, operational

1200 class DE, Co-Co
1200  QR, Redbank, Qld.

1400 class DE, Bo-Bo
1400  QR, Redbank Workshops, Qld. Static.

1600 Class DE, Bo-Bo
1604  ARHS(Qld), Rosewood, Qld. Owned by QR. Operational
1614  QR, Redbank, Qld. Operational
1616  QPSR, Box Flat, Qld. (Swanbak Railway) Operational

South Australia

Commonwealth Railways, 4'8.5" gauge (1435mm)
GM1 class DE, A1A-A1A
GM1  Homestead Park Museum, Port Augusta, SA

Commonwealth Railways, 3'6" gauge (1067mm)
NB class
NB30  PRR, Quorn, SA. Operational

NDH class 
NDH1  PDRM, Port Adelaide, SA.

NSU class DE, Co-Co
NSU51  PRR, Quorn, SA.
NSU52  PRR, Quorn, SA. Operational
NSU53  Old Ghan, Alice Springs, NT
NSU55  Steamtown, Peterborough, SA
NSU61  PDRM, Port Adelaide, SA. Static exhibit.
NSU62  Steamtown, Peterborough, SA
NSU63  Wishart Siding Railway Museum, Darwin, NT

SAR, 5'3" gauge (1600mm)
Rx class steam, 4-6-0
MS: 45mph (70km/h), some were allowed 60mph (100km/h)
Rx207  SteamRanger, Goolwa, SA. Operational
Rx224  SteamRanger, Goolwa, SA. Operational

350 class DE, Bo-Bo
350  SteamRanger, Goolwa, SA. Operational
351  SteamRanger, Goolwa, SA. Operational

520 class steam, 4-8-4
MS: 70mph (115km/h)
520  SteamRanger, Goolwa, SA. Operational
523  PDRM, Port Adelaide, SA. Static exhibit.

620 class steam, 4-6-2
621  SteamRanger, Goolwa, SA. Operational
624  PDRM, Port Adelaide, SA. Static exhibit

800 class DE, Bo-BO
801  PDRM, Port Adelaide, SA

830 class DE, Co-Co
866  VDLR, Don, Tas. On 3'6" gauge. 

900 class DE, A1A-A1A
MS: 70mph (115km/h)
900 "Lady Norrie"  Port Dock Museum, Port Adelaide, SA. Operational but static
907                SteamRanger, Goolwa, SA.
909                SteamRanger, Goolwa, SA.

930 class DE, Co-Co
930  PDRM, Port Adelaide, SA
958  SteamRanger, Goolwa, SA

SAR, 3'6" gauge (1067mm)
NJAB class steam motor coach, 0-4-4
NJAB1  PRR, Quorn, SA. Operaional

T class steam, 4-8-0
T186  PRR, Quorn, SA. Overhaul
T199  Steamtown, Peterborough, SA. Under restoration
T251  BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Under restoration

Broken Hill Proprietors, 4'8.5" gauge (1435mm)

DE class DE, Bo-Bo
DE10  PDRM, Port Adelaide, SA. Static.


TGR, 3'6" gauge (1067mm)
CCS class steam, 2-6-0
CCS.23  VDLRS, Don, Tas. Operational.

H class steam, 4-8-0
H2  Derwent Valley Railway Preservation Society, Hobart, Tas. Operational

M class steam, 4-6-2
M3  VLDR, Don, Tas. Operational
M6  BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Operational

MA class steam, 4-6-2
MA2  VDLR, Don, Tas. Operational

U class DH, 0-6-0
U6  VDLR, Don, Tas. Static

V class DH, 0-6-0DH
V7   Private, Margate, Tas. Static.
V8   BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Operational
V9   PBPS, Menzies Creek, Vic. Static
V12  PBPS, Belgrave, Vic. On 2'6" gauge numbered D21. Operational.
V13  ZZR, Zig Zag, NSW.

VA class DH, 0-6-0DH
VA1  BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Operational

X class DE, Bo-Bo
 X1  TTM, Glenorchy, Tas.
 X3  BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Under restoration.
X10  DVR, New Norfolk, Tas.
X18  DVR, New Norfolk, Tas.
X20  BPR, Queenscliff. Vic. Operational

Y class DE, Bo-Bo
Y2  DVR, New Norfolk, Tas.
Y3  Queen Victoria Museum, Launceston, Tas.
Y4  TTM, Glenorchy, Tas.
Y6  VDLR, Don, Tas.

DP class diesel rail car
DP28  BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Operational
DP29  BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Operational

Emu Bay Railway, 3'6" gauge (1067mm)


VR, 5'3" gauge (1600mm)
A2 class steam, 4-6-0
MS: 70mph (115km/h)
A2.986  SRV, Newport, Vic. Under restoration
A2.996  Echuca Wharf Museum, Echuca, Vic. Under restoration

B class DE, Co-Co
Built 1952-54 by Clyde Engineering, Granville, NSW.
MS = 70mph (115km/h)
B72 SRV, Newport, under restoration
B74 SLSPG, Seymour, Vic. Operational
B83 ARHS Museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Operational but static

C class stesm, 2-8-0
MS: 50mph (80km/h), allowed 60mph (100km/h) on some lines when hauling
     passenger trains.
C10  ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Static Exhibit.

D3 class steam, 4-6-0
Built 1902-1919 as DD class as follows:
 VR Newport Workshops (), VR Ballarat Workshops (), VR Bendigo Workshops
 (), Walkers Ltd, Maryborough, Qld. (), Phoenix Foundry, Ballarat, Vic. (),
 Thompson's Iron Foundry, Castlemaine, Vic. (), Baldwin, Philledelphia, USA ()
DW: 5'  BP: 175psi
MS: 60mph (100km/h)
DD class reclassified D1 in
Modifications: Superheating (classified D2 class)
               K class boiler fitted (classified D3 class)
Road numbers DD-DD, D1-D1, D2-D2, D3-D3
D3.608  SRV, Ballarat, Vic. Stored for possible restoration.
D3.638  Private, Crib Point, Vic.
D3.658  SRV, Ballarat, Vic. Operational (current major overhaul)
D3.677  SRV, Newport, Vic. Stored for parts
D3.688  Private, Crib Point, Vic.

E class electric, Bo-Bo
MS: 40mph (65km/h)
Road numbers E1102-E1111
Based on an earlier experimental design (nos. 1100 and 1101)
E1102  ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Static exhibit.
E1106  SRV, Newport, Vic. Stored
E1108  SRV, Newport, Vic. Under restoration.
E1108  SRV, Newport, Vic. Stored

F class DE, 0-6-0
Built 1951 by English Electric
MS: 20mph (30km/h)
F202  SLSPG, Seymour, Vic. Operational
F208  R707 Operations, Newport, Vic. Operational
F211  V/Line, Dynon Locomotive Depot, Vic. Static
F212  CMR, Maldon, VIc. Operational
F216  ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Static.

J class steam
Built 1954-5 by Vulcan Foundry, UK
MS: 50mph (80km/h)
Road numbers: J500-529 (coal burners), J530-J559 (oil burners)
J512  SLSPG, Alexandra, Vic. Static. To be restored.
J515  SLSPG, Seymour, Vic. Operational
J516  YVTR, Healsville, Vic. Under restoration
J536  WCR, Colac, Victoria. Static. To be restored.
J541  Private, Healsville, Vic. Under restoration by YVTR
J549  C&MR, Maldon, Vic. Operational

K class steam
Built in three batches at VR Newport Workshops:
 1922: K100-K109 (renumbered K140-K149 in 1940)
 1940-43: K150-K183
 1946: K184-K192
DW: 4' 7.25"  BP: 175psi
Weight - Engine:
CC: 5t (K183 modified to 7t)
WC: 4700 gal
MS: 45mph (70km/h), allowed 50mph (80km/h) from 1959.
Preserved examples:
K151  SRV, Newport, Vic. Engine unit only, for spare parts.
K153  SRV, Newport, Vic. Operational
K160  C&MR, Maldon, Vic. Operational
K163  MRPS, Crib Point, Vic. Operational
K177  MRPS, Crib Point, Vic. Under Restoration
K183  SRV, Newport, Vic. Operational
K184  SRV, Newport, Vic. Stored.
K190  SRV, Newport, Vic. Operational. Leased to South Gippsland Railway

L class electric, Co-Co
Built 1953-54 by English Electric,
Road numbers: L1150-L1174
MS: 70mph (115km/h)
L1150  ARHS(Vic) museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Operational but static
L1160  SRV, Newport, Vic. Stored.
L1162  SRV, Newport, Vic. Under restoration
L1169  SRV, Newport, Vic. Under restoration

M class DH, 0-6-0DH
Built 1959 at VR Newport Workshops
Road numbers M231 and M232
MS: 10mph (15km/h)
M231  SRV, Newport, Vic. Operational
M232  Private, Newport, Vic. Operational. Part of SRV fleet

R class steam, 4-6-4
Built 1951-52 by North British, Glasgow.
DW: 6' 0.75"  BP: 210psi  VG: W
Road numbers: R700-R769
MS: 70mph (115km/h), many instaces of 80mph (130km/h) and over recorded.
R700                       SRV, Newport, Vic. Stored for restoration.
R704                       ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Static exhibit
R707 "City of Melbourne"   R707 Operations, Newport, Vic. Operational
R711                       WCR, Bendigo, Vic. Static. To be restored.
R753                       R707 Operations, Newport, Vic. Stored.
R761                       SRV, Newport, Vic. Operational
R766 "City of Bendigo"     R766 Inc., Newport, Vic. Operational. Part of SRV

S class DE, Co-Co
MS: 70mph (115km/h)
S303  SLSPG, Seymour, Vic. Stored.
S313  SRV, Newport, Vic. Allocated but not yet delivered.
S317  ARHS museum, Williamstown, Vic. Static, demotored.

T class steam, 0-6-0
T94  ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Static exhibit.

T class DE, Bo-Bo
Built by Clyde Engineering, Granville, NSW.
1st series:
2nd series:
3rd series:
4th series:
5th series:
      T413: Built for Australian Portland Cement (Fyansford, Vic) for their
            3'6' gauge railway. Original number D1 "Wesley B. McCann".
            Purchased by VR in 1969 Converted to 5'3" gauge. It is the only
            T class fitted with dynamic brakes.
MS: 60mph (100km/h)
T320  SLSPG, Seymour, Vic. Operational
T333  Private, Maldon, Vic. under Restoration.
T334  MRPS, Crib Point, Vic. Operational
T341  YVTR, Healsville, Vic. Operational
T342  GSRS, Korumburra, Vic. Operational
T345  CMR, Maldon, VIc. Operational.
T356  SRV, Newport, Vic. Operational.
T357  SLSPG, Seymour, Vic. Operational
T364  SRV, Newport, Vic. Operational
T367  ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Static exhibit.
T375  Private, Turombarry.
T387  YPRPS, Kadina, SA. Operational.
T395  SRV, Newport, Vic. Operational.
T411  MRPS. Leased by WCR, Ballarat East, Vic.
T413  T413 Preservation Group, Geelong, Vic. Operational

T322, T323, T324 and T343 were purchased by Bob White Electrix, Corio, Vic.
They are officially listed as having been scrapped but are complete except
for bogies. They are used for generating DC power.

V class DM, B
MS: 10mph (15km/h)
V56  ARHS museum, Williamstown, Vic. Operational.

W class DH, 0-6-0DH
MS: 40mph (65km/h), later resticted to 35km/h.
W243  ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Static.
W250  YVTR, Healsville, Vic. Operational
W255  ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Static
W260  Private, Tocumwal, NSW. Static.

X class DE, Co-Co
MS: 70mph (115km/h)
X37  ARHS museum, Williamstown, Vic. Stored, demotored.

Y class steam, 0-6-0
Built by Phoenix Foundry, Ballarat, Vic.
DW: 5'1"  VG: S
MS: 40mph (65km/h)
Y108 ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Static exhibit
Y112 WCR, Ballarat, Vic. Operational

Y class DE, Bo-Bo
Built 1963- by clyde engineering, Granville, NSW.
MS: Geared for 40mph (65km/h), later allowed 45mph (70km/h). Y175 was geared
    for 60mph (100km/h) in 1968.
Y126  R707 Operations, Newport, Vic. Operational.
Y133  SLSPG, Seymour, Vic. Operational
Y159  CHTR, Daylesford, Vic. Operational.
Y164  SRV,  Newport, Vic. Operational

DERM (Diesel Electric Rail Motor)
MS: 60mph (100km/h)
RM55  ARHS Museum, Operational. Leased to SGTR, Korumburra, Vic.
RM56  SRV, Maryborough, Vic. Operational
RM58  SLSPG, Seymour, Vic. Operational
RM59  MRPS, Crib Point, Vic. Stored.
RM60  MRPS, Crib Point, Vic. Stored.
RM61  Private, Maldon, Vic. Operational. Operated as part of C&MR
RM62  YVTR, Healsville, Vic. Demotored, operated as loco hauled carriage
RM64  DERM Preservation Society, Newport, Vic. Under restoration.

Diesel Rail Car
 102hp Walker rail car
 MS: 45mph (70km/h)
 7RM  Private, Maldon, Vic. Under restoration by C&MR

 153hp Walker rail car
 MS: 50mph (80km/h)
 22RM  ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. Static exhibit
 32RM  CHTR, Daylesford, Vic. Stored

 280hp Walker rail car
 MS: 60mph (100km/h)
 82RM  CHTR, Daylesford, Vic. Stored
 85RM  GSRS, Nyora, Vic. Under restoration
 91RM  CHTR, Daylesford, Vic. Operational

 600hp Tulloch rail car
 MS: 70mph (115km/h)
 DRC40  CHTR. Leased to WCR, Ballarat East. Vic.
 DRC41  Private.
 DRC42  Private.
 DRC43  SLSPG, Seymour, Vic. Operational

VR, 2'6" gauge (762mm)
G class steam, 2-6-0+0-6-2
MS: 20mph (30km/h)
G42  PBPS, Belgrave, Vic. Under Restoration

NA class, 2-6-2T
MS: 20mph (30km/h)
1A and 2A built Baldwin, Philledelphia, USA in 1898
3A-16A built VR Newport Workshops
2A and 4A were Vauclain compounds.
 3A  PBPS, Belgrave, Vic. Held for restoration.
 6A  PBPS, Belgrave, Vic. Under Restoration
 7A  PBPS, belgrave, Vic. Operational
 8A  PBPS, Belgrave, Vic. Operational
12A  PBPS, Belgrave, Vic. Operational
14A  PBPS, Belgrave, Vic. Operational

Australian Portland Cement Co., Fyansford, 3'6" gauge (1067mm)
Vulcan, stean, 0-6-0-ST
No.4  BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Stored.
No.5  BPR. Stored at Ballarat East, Vic.

Hudswell Clarke, steam, 0-4-2ST
No.6  BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Operational

D class DE, Bo-Bo
D1  Purchased by VR in 1969 to become T413. See entry under VR T class DE.

State Electricity Commission, 900mm gauge
electric locomotivs
37  ARHS museum, North Williamstown, Vic. static

Private, various gauges
Peckett (2'6" gauge), steam, ex-Melbourne Gasworks, 0-4-0ST
 "Sir John Grice"  PBPS, Belgrave, Vic. Operational

Climax (2'6" gauge), steam, ex-Tyers Valley Tramway, B-B
MS: 4mph (6km/h)
 Number   PBPS, Belgrave, Vic. Operational

Western Australia

WAGR, 3'6" gauge (1067mm)
C class DE
C1702  HVTR, Pinjarra, WA

E class DE
E30  ARHS museum, Bassendean, WA

G class DE
G50  ARHS museum, Bassendean, WA.

Pm class steam, 4-6-2

Pmr class steam, 4-6-2
Pmr720  Steamtown, Peterborough, SA. Operational

RA class DE< Bo-Bo
RA1918  ARHS museum, Bassendean, WA.

S class steam, 4-8-2
S537 BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Stored.

V class steam, 2-8-2
V1209  BPR, Queenscliff, Vic. Operational
V1213  Private, Perth, WA. Operational

W class steam, 4-6-2
W901  Steamtown, Peterborough, SA
W907  Steamtown, Peterborough, SA

X class DE, 2-Do-2
X1001  ARHS museum, Bassendean, WA. Static

Xa class DE, 2-Do-2
Xa1401  HVTR, Pinjarra, WA.
Xa1405  ARHS (WA)

Z class DH, 0-6-0
Z1151  Steamtown, Peterborough, SA. Operational.
Z1152  HVR, Pinjarra, WA.

Cliffs Robe River, 4'8.5" (1435mm)
9401  Dampier, WA. Static
9405  Cape Lambert, WA. static

Hammersley Iron, 4'8.5" (1435mm)
007   PRHS, Port Hedland, WA
1000  PRHS, Port Hedland, WA

Mount Newman Mining, 4'8.5" (1435mm)
5450  PRHS, Port Hedland, WA.
5451  Port Hedland, WA. Static

WALPRA Equipment. All 2ft gauge.
Ridley No. 1  GM 6cyl petrol  (ex Whitemans Brickworks)
Maylands      GM 6cyl petrol  (ex Brisbane & Wunderlich Clay)
Planet        4cyl diesel Rod Connected  0-4-0 "Yellow Rose"
Gemco Funky   4cyl diesel     (ex Public Works Dept, WA)
Kraus         0-4-0 (the LGB prototype) privately owned, with running 

Other Railways

Great Western Railway (UK), 4' 8.5" gauge (1435mm)
'Castle' class steam, 4-6-0
4079 "Pendennis Castle"  PRHS, Port Hedland, WA. Operational

South African Railways, 2' gauge (610mm)
NG15 class steam, 2-8-2
 NG 117-119  Henschel     1938
 NG 120-124  Franco-Belge 1949
cylinders(2)   - 15.75 x 17.75
DW: 2'9 2/8"
BP: 171psi
GA: 16.7' sq. ft.
heating surface
    - evaporative - 796' sq.
    - superheater - 180' sq.
TE: 18820 lb.
    -engine    - 82208 lb.
    -tender    - 70000 lb.
AL: 15148 lb.
NG15.118  WALRPA, Under restoration
NG17.123  WALRPA. Operational

South African Railways, 3'6" gauge (1067mm)

Two (class?) locomotives purchased by HVTR.

David Bromage