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Service Changes

Southern Cross station
9 December 2005: Spencer Street station, Melbourne's major long distance rail terminal is renamed Southern Cross station.

Thornlie Line Opens
8 August 2005: Perth's suburban rail network expands with the opening of a new branch line from Cannington to Thornlie. Most Armadale trains now run express Cannington - Oats Street - Claisebrook, and Thornlie trains serve intermediate stations.

William Street Sunday Trams
7 August 2005: Sunday tram services return to William Street in Melbourne with route 55 now running 7 days per week. The former Sundays only route 68 from Elizabeth Street to West Coburg ceases.

Vermont South Tram
24 July 2005: Melbourne's tram network expands further with the extension along Burwood Highway from East Burwood to Vermont South of Route No 75. The new new track now takes Melbourne's tram network further East than ever before.

South Perth Ferry
1 May 2005: Seasonal diversions of the South Perth Ferry to Coode Street Jetty cancelled. All journeys now travel direct between Barrack Street Jetty and South Perth Mends Street.

Marshall station opens
26 April 2005: New railway station opens at Marshall in Geelong's southern suburbs on V/Line's Melbourne to Warrnambool line. All Warrnambool trains call at Marshall.

Greenwood station opens
29 January 2005: New railway station opens at Greenwood on Perth's Clarkson line.

A series of clickable maps of passenger rail services in Australia. Click on a region for more detailed maps and timetables in that region.

Australia's passenger railway system offers tourists and residents a modern, safe and convenient form of travel. There are about sixteen separate passenger train and tram operators in Australia (not counting tourist railways) offering services ranging from intensive suburban and metropolitan commuter trains and electric street tramways in major cities, to commuter trains, a couple of rustic rural mixed trains and long distance interstate and luxury trans-continental journeys. The trains themselves are of high quality and all operators have reasonable on-line information about their services, but this information is disjointed because generally each operator presents only their own information. This site seeks to be a central point of reference for anyone wishing to plan a rail trip in Australia - whether from one suburb to another or a trans-continental odyssey you will find the information here. Links are provided to official web-sites of train operators as well as to some excellent unofficial sites too.

On this site you will find a number of pages - each containing a diagrammatic map of one part of Australia. These maps show EVERY passenger railway and EVERY station served by passenger trains. All metropolitan services including light rail, as well as all country and interstate services are covered. The maps indicate the routes taken as well as the journey times and service frequency (number of trains per hour, per day or per week as the case may be). Many ferry services are included as well as some airport connection road bus routes where no rail service is provided. Also included are the growing number of passenger carrying tourist railways. Links to sites covering rail-related museums and 'train-ride' attractions are also provided.

To move from one page to another, simply click the map in the areas indicated to view a more detailed map of that part of the country. You can pan to an adjacent map by clicking on the arrows on the map edge.

If you click on a train line, you will be taken to the best known site containing details of the service that runs on that line - usually this is the official site of the operator. If you click on an underlined town name, you will be taken to the site of an operator of a museum or 'train ride' operating in that town.

Visit for more information and links on train travel in Australia and around the world.

A printer-friendly version of this map in pdf format can be downloaded by clicking here.

Map MS - Eastern Victoria and Southern NSW Map BR - South Queensland Map RC - North Queensland Map P2 - Western Australia Map SB - Northern New South Wales Map AM - South Australia and Western Victoria Map PA - Central and Northern Australia Map MH - Tasmania and Bass Strait

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