Mildura Easter 2000
RTM Tour

Mildura Yard and surrounds on Saturday 22/4/00

All is quite in the yard area. X54 and G521 are shut down in the loco sidings. The platform road and loco road are clear ready for the RTM tour arrival tomorrow morning.

Mildura Yard and RTM Tour 8am on Sunday morning

I arrived down in the yard area around 8am. R711 was resting at the end of the turntable road with 2 crew onboard. T378 and GM36 were shutdown in the loco sidings and G521 was missing, working the train from Mildura to Yelta return.  Some 10 minutes later, G521 could be heard arriving from the Yelta (DOWN) end of the yard. The train worked through to the platform and upon stopping passengers left the train.

Some nice pictures of GM36 (Yuri Enjoy!)

Mildura Yard noon Sunday

It appears there are unanticipated problems with the turntable. No movements since this morning. The turntable appeared to have a clearance problem.  Problem with Mildura turntable was that it was left in the "off" i.e. 180 degrees to normal position which means that the t/t rails are higher than the approach rails. This resulted in the cow-catcher of the loco striking same - damaging both loco and t/t.

As for the rest of the day, I spent it down at Trentham Estates Winery sipping on some great Pinot Noir whilst sitting in the wonderful April sunshine.


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