Australian rail mailing lists
Australian rail mailing lists

RailPage and Interactive Omnimedia have now installed the Majordomo mailing list software. Mailing lists are available on the following topics:

List name Topic
railpage-announce Announcements of updates and changes to RailPage.
pbr-announce Announcements of updates and changed to the Puffing Billy web site and general announcements about the railway.
sightings "Flash traffic" of interesting or unusual workings. News relates to workings already underway or within the next 12-24 hours. These messages have been dubbed "gunzelgrams". [Archived messages]

To subscribe to any of these lists, send email to with:

   subscribe listname

in the body of the message (not the Subject: line), where listname  is one of the above list names. A request for confirmation and a help file will be sent by the autoresponder.

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