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An Introduction to ticketing on the Broadmeadows Line
Metcard Machines

Ticketing on the Broadmeadows Line

    The Broadmeadows Line is part of the Melbourne suburban network, and uses the system standard Metcard tickets.  There are 3 zones that are defined by the distance you are form the city.
   Only a Zone 1 & 2 ticket is required for a journey along the entire line.  You may travel as far as Glenroy ,from the city, on a Zone 1 ticket, and as far as Pascoe Vale, from Broadmeadows on a Zone 2 ticket.

    The old punch, and scratch tickets operated the same way as the Metcard, only they were issued manually, and not by a machine.  The old tickets designated Zone 1 as yellow, Zone 2 as Blue, and Zone 3 as Red, as they still are on the Zone map (right).  The current metcards, simply print this information on the back.



    For metcard machine numbers on the Broadmeadows line, click here.

    For more information on Metcard fares and zones, you can visit  or for more detailed information, including information on vending machines, pictures, and metcard designs, visit Rob O'Regan's Unnoficial Metcard site.