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Grain Trains

Current Timetable
Early 1999 Timetable 
Operations of note

Kensington Grain Workings Timetables

Current Timetable (from mid - late 1999)

    Grain arrives at about the same time as previously, but the loco stays dead in the siding until later in the afternoon, when it returns to tottenham.  It used to return at about 6:30, but recently has been leaving before the evening peak, around 2-3:30pm.  This train does not operate on a daily basis, but during peak grain seasons, it does run more frequently.

You can expect to see a T/P class loco, and anything from 2 - 16 grain hoppers (VHGF normally).


Early 1999 Timetable (thanks to Chris Gordon)
No 9594 (arrival of grain) gets to Kensington at 0620am, and pushes back into the sidings, light loco goes at 0630am.

The empties are taken away after
6:00pm.  (about 6:30pm) approx as not known.



T400 - Kensington Grain Sidings - 05/04/2000
courtesy Chris Gordon

T 400 05-04-2000 1.jpg (81930 bytes) T 400 05-04-2000 2.jpg (69479 bytes) T 400 05-04-2000 3.jpg (67393 bytes)

A79 + P20 - Kensington Grain Sidings,
Tuesday November 16, 1999 - courtesy Chris Gordon

A79 ken 1.jpg (55677 bytes) A79 ken 4.jpg (62940 bytes) A79 ken 5.jpg (60516 bytes) A79 ken 2.jpg (75037 bytes) A79 ken 3.jpg (66929 bytes)


Operations of note

    A new Freight Australia log wagon (VFKX - has vertical poles on the sides) was noted at the North end of 8(?) grain wagons, along with P21 on this date.

    T400 was noted at the sidings (see gallery for photos)

    A79+P20+10 grain wagons, arrived at KEN at about 10:05.  They shunted the grain wagons in, put P20 into the departure road and A79 left about 10:30. (see gallery for photos)