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Re: Was Eddie Oliver once a Quiz Kid?

gunzel@rocketmail.com wrote:

>There is a recently released CD containing excerpts of old Australian radio
>shows. Keith McGowan broadcast an old Quiz Kids program on 3AW early today.
>The quiz master was old John Dease and the recording sounded as though it
>might have been made only the other day. One of the bright young kids on the
>show was "Edward Oliver"; was this the same Eddie Oliver of NSWRTM fame?
>Certainly sounded like him.

Who cares?

Anyway, just to terminate this thread before it goes anywhere, let me answer:

I was not a Quiz Kid in the technical sense; rather, I was on the Quiz Kids program.
They had a "spelling challenge" where each show had a spelling contest between
a champion and a challenger for the grand prize of five pounds per night.
There was an age limit so that you had to retire at your 14th birthday. At that stage
I had won 95 pounds, so that when they kicked me off for reaching 14, Johnson
and Johnson (the then sponsors) generously gave me an extra five pounds to make it 100.

Does that satisfy your curiosity, and if so, can we then get back to what this
newsgroup is supposed to be about?

Eddie Oliver